VM Server Setup Service

For those having trouble setting up your virtual server, or would like someone to set it up for you, I’m now offering a setup service to get you up and running. The service includes:

  • Create a new project on Google Cloud.
  • Create a new VM instance within that project.
  • Install all dependencies for the script you want to run.
  • Install the script and clean up files.
  • Transfer the project to your Google Cloud account.
  • Help troubleshoot any initial bot setup or script execution issues.

Turn around time is approximately 24 hours, usually less.

VM Server Setup Service



  • This service is for setting up the server and installing the software. It does not include any recommendations for bot or script settings.
  • You are responsible for obtaining API keys and account numbers for the script settings. I do not have access to your 3Commas or FTX account, nor do I want access. I can add your API keys to the config file on your behalf, however I am not responsible for the security of those keys, and would prefer if you added them yourself.
  • After the setup or transfer of the project and/or server, I will remove myself as a user from the project, and billing for the project, within 3 days. It is your responsibility to ensure a billing account is attached to the project.
  • The scripts provided are for entertainment purposes only. Crypto markets are extremely volatile and always changing. There is no promise or guarantee of profits, and losses are a very possible and real outcome. Do your own research and testing. I am not responsible or liable for losses. This is not financial advice.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would prefer to pay using a different method, including cryptocurrency, please contact me.