Why trade crypto?

Ah, the first post on a new blog! Will there be more? Let’s see 🙂

Ok, so why I decided to trade crypto….

Well, I came across an ad on Facebook telling the wondrous joys and endless riches of trading crypto currencies using bots. Plus, I had a bunch of crypto spread over various wallets from numerous failed ICO’s during the bitcoin boom in 2017, worth very little now. So little it wasn’t worth cashing out. So I decided to consolidate all my coins, sign up for trading on 3Commas, and take a run for it.

Crazy thoughts of 37x’ing $300 (1% per day, compounded of course) into millions in only two years kept me up at night. There’s no way this wouldn’t work! It had to be done.

Well, a few months in and still a long way away from 37x’ing my initial investment – but it hasn’t been all bad.

Stick around and follow the blog as I post updates on my progress, and share exactly how I trade, where I win, where I lose. Maybe you can benefit from it too.

Hang on tight!

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