Crypto Bot Returns Beat Bitcoin – A Quick Update

I just want to drop a quick note on the power of the crypto bots I’m using at 3commas, when things are setup correctly. I’ll explain below the bot setup and how it returned 0.84% in 24 hours while Bitcoin dropped 0.69% in the same period.

On the 3commas crypto trading platform the bots’ daily totals are refreshed at 7pm, so one day is essentially 7pm to 7pm the next day. My current USDT base long bot is trading with a max of $705 USDT, and churned out $5.94 USDT in the 7pm May 25th to 7pm May 26th 2020 period, for a total return of 0.84% after trading fees.

In the same time period, Bitcoin to USDT dropped 0.69%. Here’s the Trading View chart:

Trading View BTCUSDT Bitcoin price drop May 25 to May 26

I get it, 0.84% is not a huge deal, but that happened all on it’s own, while I was sleeping, eating, and doing other stuff.

If you’re interested, here’s the bot setup I’m using:

Bot Type: Composite
Max Active Deals: 4
Strategy: Long
Base Order Size: $15 USDT
Safety Order Size: $23 USDT
Start Order Type: Limit
Deal Start Condition: Trading View, 15 minutes, Strong Buy
Take Profit: 0.7%
Take Profit Type: Total Volume
Trailing: 0.15%
Stop Loss: None
Max Safety Orders: 3
Deviation to open safety orders: -1.75%
Safety Order Volume Scale: 2
Daily Volume Limit: 100 BTC

If you’ve setup a bot before with 3commas then you know what all that means. If you don’t, no worries, I’ll have a post in the near future on what it all means so you can duplicate it and tweak for your own situation.

You’ll notice the Safety Order size is larger than the base order, as well as the Safety Order volume scale is 2x. It’s a classic Martingale maneuver, risky when gambling, but a life saviour for volatile crypto currencies.

If you’re wondering how many trades the bot executes in a day, it really depends, but with the settings above this bot closed 23 trades in the same period, with the longest trade taking 18 hours, and the shortest only 2 minutes. Here’s a screenshot of some of the trades the bot closed:

3commas DCA Bot sample closed deals.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for more!

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