35% ROI in 15 Days – New ADX Driven 3Commas Bot Trigger Script

I recently completed testing this new automated script to trigger 3Commas bots and actual trading returned 35% in just 15 days! Even with a couple days turned off, the returns were better than I expected. Rather than wait any longer, I’m sharing the script now! Here’s the details….

Run Python Trading Bots 24/7 With This Google VM Cloud Setup

This guide shows how to setup Python on a Google VM Instance so you can keep multiple bots running 24/7. It’s relevant for the existing and new scripts I’m planning to publish in the next week or two. Here’s the full step by step guide to make it as easy as possible.

Zero Risk Crypto Plays – Farming Hedges That Pay – Part 2

In the Part 2 of Zero Risk Crypto Plays I describe how to extend the hedging strategy from Part 1 into yield farming on Raydium for even more lucrative returns. Returns of +100% APY with zero risk to your capital are there waiting for the taking. Continue reading for the exact steps on how to…

Best 3Commas Bot Settings for a Trending Market

I’ve been promising this post for a while now, my apologies for the long wait! These are the settings I’ve personally used to see gains of up to 30% in a single day. Yes, that’s right, 30% on my entire account in one day! Keep reading to find out how!

How I Make 3,000% Returns with Trading Bots on 3Commas

It’s been more than a year since my first post on my journey to create a passive income source that generates a 1% daily return. After spending months testing various bot settings and trigger conditions, I’ve finally achieved a system that is truly hands-off, profitable, automatic trading. I promised to document it on this site,…

So How Much Can You Make with 3Commas Trading Bots?

This is a short post to answer some of the questions I’ve been getting on if I’m still making money with 3Commas trading bots. I restarted this account a few days ago, and I’ve already put in a 7% day, with 12 hours still to go…..


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